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What Is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is used when the amount of bone in a patient’s jaw needs to be increased.  This is commonly done to provide a stable bone infrastructure for the implanting of dental implants.  In some cases, the bone grafting is done as a part of the dental implant procedure itself.  In other cases, the bone grafting may be a separate procedure with a separate appointment.  In either case, bone material is added to the existing infrastructure in order to strengthen it.

Where Does The Dentist Get Bone Material For Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting material is found in several places.  It is common and preferred to retrieve the bone grafting material from the patient’s own mouth.  When that source is not possible, the dentist may pursue a few other options.  He may get freeze-dried human bone from a tissue bank.  It is also possible to get processed bone tissue from animals.  In some cases, a dentist may use a bone substitute that has been developed from mineral sources.  Whenever bone tissue is obtained from sources other than the patient’s own mouth, there are procedures and safeguards similar to those used for a blood bank.  Many safety procedures and safeguards are used to protect the safety of the patient.

When Is Bone Grafting Done?

Sometimes the jawbone does not have sufficient bone structure remaining to support dental implants. Bone grafting techniques will be used to build a dental ridge that is capable of supporting these implanted teeth for the long term.  At times this procedure may be implemented on a smaller scale just to provide bone cover for the sides of the dental implants.

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