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Do I Want A Root Canal?

A dentist will always want to preserve your original, natural teeth if possible.  A root canal is a tool of the dentist.  It is sometimes his only option for saving your natural teeth as he also deals with the severe pain and the excess tooth decay.

When Do I Need A Root Canal?

When a cavity is undiagnosed and untreated for an extended period of time, the decay will eventually compromise the entire tooth.  The decay will eventually even reach the bone structure that is supporting the tooth.  The infection will certainly not heal on its own.  It won’t go away if you ignore it.  Tooth decay that is ignored will negatively impact your entire body.

What Is A Root Canal?

A dentist performs a root canal by using a series of files to eliminate all of the infected tissue from the tooth and the canal of the tooth.  This will include removing the root of the tooth in the canal.  After removing the decayed tissue, the dentist protects the tooth against infection in the future by filling the cavity.  Once the decay is removed and the cavity is filled, the dentist will usually cover the entire tooth with a crown.  This seals the tooth for the most complete protection.

What Symptoms Indicate The Need For A Root Canal?

You will be aware of the infection in your tooth as a result of several symptoms.  Your infected tooth may reveal itself through extreme sensitivity to temperature.  It may also be hyper sensitive to the sugar in sweets.  You will very likely be experiencing severe pain.  Other possible symptoms include swelling, severe pain when you bite down, or even a bad taste in your mouth.

Will A Root Canal Hurt?

Over the years, root canals have developed a bad reputation.  However, the root canal is truly a positive tool available to the dentist.  A root canal may keep you from needing dentures, or a bridge, or implants.  Advances in technology and training have caused root canals to become fairly routine and relatively painless.

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