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What Is Ridge Preservation?

Ridge preservation is a type of bone grafting process that rebuilds and strengthens the bone.  It is usually necessary when a tooth extraction has left behind an empty socket that has become weakened.  The empty socket can cause the soft tissue and bone in the jaw to collapse.  If the bone loss is allowed to develop, it can make some treatments like implants impossible and it can force other treatments that may be more expensive, more painful, and more time consuming.

What Is The Procedure For Ridge Preservation?

The first step is the removal of the tooth.  This step will be done carefully to avoid disturbing existing bone structure.  The doctor will then place a special bone-grafting product in the socket.  The bone-grafting product may be from the patient, from a donor, or from an artificial source.  Whichever source is chosen, the purpose of the material is to build and regrow bone material in the socket.  The grafting material is then held in place by stitches or some type of membrane.  It can take 3-5 months before the ridge has healed and it is prepared for a dental implant.

What Are The Benefits Of Ridge Preservation?

Ridge preservation is designed to minimize bone loss upon the removal or loss of a tooth.  Ridge preservation has other benefits as well.  The procedure is only minimally invasive and produces minimum discomfort.  It prepares the site for the implanting of dental implants without the need for additional grafting. It is more cost effective and less painful than having the bone grafting done at a later date.  It provides a healthy, natural smile for the patient.

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