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When Do I Need Dentures?

A patient should consider the use of dentures as a possible solution when he is missing one or more teeth. Not only can dentures replace missing teeth, but they also provide support and structure for lips and cheeks that are around the missing teeth.  The development of dental technology has produced modern dentures that are very natural in their look and feel.  Replacing missing teeth with dentures can be a definite confidence booster.  You can once again feel comfortable with smiling and eating in public.

What Types Of Dentures Are There?

There are two main types of dentures available for use.

If a patient still retains some of his original teeth, he may find partial dentures to be helpful.  Partial dentures will only replace those specific missing teeth.  The denture is affixed to a plastic base and placed in the mouth. Some patients have these partial dentures cemented into place using his remaining natural teeth as anchor points.  In this case, the dentures not only replace missing teeth, but they also provide support for the remaining natural teeth.  This structural support keeps the natural teeth from shifting.  When the partial denture is an upper denture, the attached base will usually be flesh-colored in order to blend in with the roof of the mouth.  When the partial denture is a lower denture, the base will be manufactured to be horseshoe-shaped so that there will be comfortable room for the tongue.

Some patients may need complete dentures.  These are needed when a patient has none of his original teeth remaining.  This can happen through extraction or an accident that eliminates the natural teeth.  Complete dentures replace every single tooth of the patient.  Complete denture sets are custom fit and will produce a natural and radiant smile.  Full dentures are made to be removed and will need the occasional adjustment by your dentist.

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