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What Is Osseous Surgery?

Osseous surgery is a last-resort effort to strengthen the area around a tooth in order to preserve the tooth.  This surgery, also known as flap surgery, is typically performed when the socket around a tooth or several teeth has failed to respond to other treatments.  The purpose of the treatment is to create a strong environment around a tooth.  It is generally used only when other treatments have been performed and the pocket health has continue to deteriorate.

What Is The Procedure For Osseous Surgery?

In preparation for the procedure, the affected area will receive a local anesthetic in order to numb it.   Next, the dentist will make an incision in the gum tissue around the area that needs to be cleaned and treated.  The tooth and underlying bone is revealed by gently lifting the gum away.  The area surrounding the tooth is then cleaned of any plaque and tartar build up.  Once the cleaning is done, the dentist will clean the surface of the bone.  Any bacteria that are trapped around the tooth will slowly eat away at the bone and make it uneven.  If the area is to heal properly, the bone must have these rough, uneven surfaces smoothed.  After the cleaning and smoothing, the dentist will trim the gum tissue to fit to the new underlying structure.  He will then stitch the gum tissue snugly back in place.

Your dentist will provide procedures for you to follow after the procedure.  You will likely need pain medication.  Your dentist should remove the stitches in 6-10 days after the procedure.  Your dentist will want to see you about a month later in order to examine the healing of the area.  Be aware that the trimmed gum tissue may cause your teeth to seem longer in the affected area.  Those teeth may also be more sensitive to temperatures.

Be sure to exercise good oral hygiene after the treatment in order to avoid future infection.

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