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What Is The Purpose Of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that is purely cosmetic.  The purpose is to brighten your smile by several shades.  People who have enjoyed this treatment commonly report a renewed feeling of confidence in their interaction with people.  In the past, they were reluctant to smile and reveal stained or yellow teeth.  Now, they can’t wait to share their brilliant smile!  This can provide confidence anywhere from a sales presentation to a first date.

What Types Of Teeth Whitening Processes Are Available?

We should point out right away that there are many over-the-counter whitening products in recent years.  Most of them will claim to produce outcomes comparable to the dentist’s office.  The fact is that their whitening agents are not near as potent as the prescription strength solutions that we have available to us.  The store products often take longer and give less desirable results.

We have two options available for our patients.

We can provide tray-based whitening procedures that you do at home.  You will basically put on a thin mouth guard which contains a special whitening agent.  It is a powerful peroxide solution.  It is convenient and requires no additional office appointments. You will wear the trays for 4-6 hours each day for a minimum of four weeks.  Your dentist and his staff may customize a schedule for you based on the stains you are dealing with and your ultimate goals.

We also provide professional whitening in our office.  This is the strongest and quickest solution available for whitening your teeth.  It usually requires only one office visit.  More visits may be required depending on how many shades brighter you are seeking to improve.  The appointment typically lasts 30-60 minutes.  During this appointment, we will apply a whitening agent directly to the teeth with a special focus on stained and discolored areas.  We can intensify the peroxide whitening solution with a special laser.  It is very typical for patients to see dramatic results in one visit!

Whatever solution you choose, teeth whitening is certainly worth the investment as a first step towards dealing with stained and discolored teeth.

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