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We love to hear from our patients! If you would like to share your experience with our dental practice, please feel free to let us know! We appreciate any kind of feedback. Below are just some of the reviews and testimonials we have been given either through email or online through social media!

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After reading about sedation dentistry online, my search led me to Fort Worth Dental in January 2013. The first visit was excellent; the ladies at the front desk, the hygienist and Dr. Zang were all kind and professional. And after the appointment, I really appreciated how they took the time to review my dental insurance with me so I'd have an idea, upfront, of what costs I would be expecting. Since then, I have been back for additional work and each visit has been just as pleasant as the first. I plan on moving closer to Dallas later in the year but I have no plans of searching for a new dentist; I will be glad to make the drive to Ft. Worth Dental in the future.
Candice W.
I have been a happy patient of this clinic for several years. I have had many extensive exams and treatments. They are so kind. I am happy to report that Fort Worth Dental remains the BEST! Also, Jan needs a raise. Haha she's amazing!
Jamie L.
I was referred to Fort Worth Dental recently and have been in twice now. I have seen many dentists and had plenty of dental work. The customer service is great, the staff is great, and Dr. J Mund is too. Compared to my past dental work and my work done here I will definitely be recommending Fort Worth Dental to friends and family!!
Amber O.
When I first came to Fort Worth Dental it was to see if I wanted to do a dental implant or bridge. Thats when I found out that I had bone loss and needed a intervention or I could lose more teeth. I did a lot of research on different ways to take care of my problem. I decided to use Dr. Zang and the Lanap procedure. After 2 years all of my bone is either back to normal or almost normal levels. I am so glad that I used the Lanap procedure and Dr. Zang at the Fort Worth Dental.
Janis M.
I have been using Ft Worth Dental for all mine and my wife’s dental needs for about 10 years. Dr. Mund has performed oral surgeries and many other procedures such as implants and dentures. We found him and his office to be very caring and reassuring. I would trust Dr. Mund for any dental procedure.
Jerry F.
I went by the office as a walk-in on a busy Friday. They fit me in that day, and were the nicest staff I had ever met. It had been awhile since I had been to see a dentist, and the care and concern for my comfort that they displayed, was amazing! I have found the place for me. Thanks Dr. Mund, Jan, Missy and everyone up front who helped me!
Gum disease runs in my family. Many of my older relatives lost their teeth at a young age. I had severe gum disease and many problems with my teeth when I first came in. Dr. Zang re-worked my whole mouth. I feel very fortunate to have received the treatment Iove had from Dr. Zang. I would recommend Dr. Zang and his staff to anyone seeking dental treatment. He is the best dentist Iove ever had. He worked wonders with my mouth. I didn't even know how bad my condition was but I knew something was really wrong. Thanks to Dr. Zang, the condition is 1000 % improved and I haven't lost any teeth as a result of his treatment. He did a wonderful job.
Claudia P.
Quality work and friendly environment. I have thought about fixing my front teeth so I could have a nice smile for several years. I am glad I finally did this. I have had many compliments and am no longer self-conscious when I smile or talk. Thanks to Dr. Zang and the office at Fort Worth Dental
I feel very comfortable eating. I do not have to worry about denture glue getting loose and my old dentures flopping loose What would you say to a friend or colleague considering having treatment at our practice? The staff is very professional at all times. They have always made appointments in a very timely manner & are always willing to work to appointments around my schedule. Dr. Mund has the best chair side manner of any dentist or doctor I have ever seen. I feel blessed that I was able to have this done. I would recommend Dr. Mund to anyone wanting dental work of any kind.
Dianne R.