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What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are similar to porcelain veneers.  They are both designed to restore damaged or stained teeth to beautiful, natural looking teeth.  These ultra-thin porcelain shells are definitely strong and can last for many years.

What Are The Benefits Of Lumineers?

While Lumineers offer the same function as porcelain veneers, they offer several distinct benefits.  In contrast to porcelain veneers, there is no need to remove the outer layer of enamel from the teeth.  This eliminates the need for anesthetic or temporary veneers.  This also means that the process can be reversed in the future if the patient were to change his mind about having lumineers.  There is also a lack of post-treatment sensitivity that can sometimes exist with traditional veneers.

What Is The Process For Lumineers?

The process for Lumineers is also simpler than the porcelain veneer process.  It requires only two appointments and the process is simple and smooth.  It begins by having a certified Lumineer dentist make an impression of your upper and lower teeth.  These impressions are sent to the lab in order for them to custom-fabricate these veneers for you.  The need for drilling, shots, and temporary veneers is eliminated.

You will be notified once the Lumineers have arrived at the dentist’s office.  At the second appointment, the dentist will verify that they fit just like they should.  A small amount of etching will need to be done in order to prepare your teeth.  At that same appointment, the dentist will bond the Lumineers to your teeth.  He will check that your bite is aligned properly so that the new Lumineers will not be damaged.

Am I A Candidate?

Ultimately, your dentist will need to help you answer that question.  However, if your teeth have darker stains you may not be a candidate for Lumineers.  They are more translucent than traditional veneers and the stains may show through.  Also, patients who struggle with grinding their teeth may not be good candidates either.  It would be possible to chip the edge of the Lumineers while grinding your teeth.

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